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Francesco Arpino is a Musician,Songwriter,Producer.
He plays piano, acoustic guitar since he was 17 and starts writing songs at 18.

In 1999 he worked in London for a long period (more that 1 year) in many studios like Olympic and many others.
He took part 3 times at the Sanremo Festival, the biggest Italian music show ever.

With one of his projects, OFFSIDE, he was under Warner Music, and as a songwriter he wrotes music and produced many artist like:
Sean Lennon, Bill Bartell,Phil Palmer,Mark Owen (Take That), Gatto Panceri,Giusy Ferreri,Giuliano Sangiorgi,Aviontravel,Danilo Rea,Fausto Mesolella, Alessio Bonomo,Marco Rapino Sabiu,Irene Fornaciari,Alessandro Haber,Sergio Cammariere, R.Kunstler,Luca Carboni,Alina,Antonello de Sanctis.

In 2011 won as producer with a song called “amami di piu’” Silver Ribbon.
Since 2012 he started a partnership with Phil Spalding (bass player of Elton John,M.Oldfield,R.Williams,Roger Daltrey)
“With Phil we work in our recording studio in Rome called “Rock me Amadeus” full of rare vintage equipment. we use everyday audio interface Universal Audio Apollo 8 Thunderbolt and UAD Satellite.”

In 2014 he produced Italian singer Diana Del Bufalo with more that 12 millions of views of her famous hit song “La Foresta”
In 2015 he wrote the original soundtrack of a italian Tv Show “Colorado
In 2016 he wrote the original music for the first worldwide musical dedicated to Lady Diana “Diana & Lady Di
Francesco came out in 2017 with his brand new project solo album produced by Chris Thomas (Beatles,Elton John,Pink Floyd )


as Artist, Producer and Songwriter

 Francesco Arpino - In Fondo ai miei sensi (Carosello Records) Buy

 Francesco Arpino - Oltre L'Orizzonte (Rossodisera) Buy

 Offside - Singing In The Classroom (Don’t worry records, Wea Records) Buy

 Offside - Quando Una Ragazza c'è (Don’t worry records, Wea Records) Buy

 Offside - Tra le Cose Che Ho Di Te (Don’t worry records, Wea Records) Buy

 B-Nice - Panico (Studio Lead) Buy

as Producer and Songwriter

 Simonetta Spiri - Il Mio Momento Buy

 Alessandro Haber - Haber Bacia Tutti (Hydra Music) Buy

 Emilio Solfrizzi - Amami Di Più Buy

 Marco Castelluzzo - I Pensieri Fanno L'Alba (Buena Suerte Sas) Buy

 Alessio Bonomo - Tra i Confini Di Un' Era (Esordisco) Buy

 Diana Del Bufalo - Beep Beep A-HA Buy

 Diana Del Bufalo - La Foresta (Studio Lead) Buy

 Colorado TV - Soundtrack - Ridere Non Costa Niente Buy

 Diana & Lady D - Soundtrack Listen

 Gianmarco Gridelli - This Is Love Buy

 Alessio Bonomo - La Musica Non Esiste Buy

Rock me Amadeus Studios

In 2001, while I was preparing to take part for the first time at the Sanremo Festival as frontman of the "Offside" band, I felt the need to have a place where I could dream, write and create my music.
This is how my "Rock Me Amadeus" studio was born.
The name has been inspired by the famous 80's song and represents my musical philosophy ... a little rock and a little Amadeus.

Over the years I shared this space with many artists of the national and international record industry. The main characteristic of this recording studios is the particular care of the sound and to related equipment. Selected instruments and "vintage" microphones with valves that made the history of contemporary music. My flagship are some preamps belonging to Mike Oldfield's desk and used in the creation of songs like "Moonlight Shadow".


Mac Pro quad core x2 Intel xeon
Universal audio Apollo 8
Apogee psx 100
Pro Tools 12
Logic Pro 10
UAD 2 all plugin
Acusticaudio plugin
Abbey Road plugin suite
Eventide suite plugins


Universal audio 610 mic pre amp
4 Neve 8108 pre eq channel
2 Neve 31105 Monserrat
1 Focusrite isa 110 vintage
2 EMI REDD 47 tube mic pre amp

1 NEUMANN U 47 fet
1 NEUMANN km 54
1 AKG c12 vintage
1 AKG d19
1 SHURE sm57
1 SGURE sm 7

Piano steinway vertical
1 Epiphone Texan 1966
1 Epiphone Texan 1967
1 Hofner Bass Violin 1967
1 Epiphone Century “James Bay” 1966
1 Fender precision squire 60's

2 AKG k271 Studio
4 AKG k414 Studio
2 Beyerdynamic

Download Rock me Amadeus Studios tech sheet




If you have some questions or you simply need some info, send me an email or text me using my socials.